The Incalculable Value of Your Word

I have come to realize that perhaps the most important resource a person has is his/her words. Words are important. Words can wound people as much as they have the power to heal. But the true value of a wo/man’s words is not necessarily measured by eloquence or an ability to articulate or enunciate well.

It is not even truly measured by how politically correct or measured one is in speech but by one’s deliberate effort to keep one’s promises. As my granny would say, “Say what you mean and mean what you say.”

The truth is, people will judge you by your ability to keep promises: your children, your spouses, your friends, your constituents. People lose trust in you when you do not keep promises, therefore, making your words cheap.Everyone can tell the kind of person you are by how much you do what you say you would do. You demonstrate that you are a person of integrity, who is trustworthy, when you keep your word; whether it is to be at a place for the time you said or fulfilling a promise you made to someone. Too many people find it easy to quip, “Oh, I forgot” or find some flimsy excuse to explain away why they were not true to their word. Your word is your bond and you are ONE with your word. No amount of dressing up or being ‘speaky-spokey’ can hide the cunning liar that you are when you are a pathological promise-breaker. And, very soon, you will be known as someone who cannot be taken seriously. Don’t you just hate it when politicians make promises and do not keep them? Isn’t that responsible for much of the apathy towards politics and voting among many of our youth; causing them to abstain from the process? They watch for us to follow through.

A person’s words are her/his most valuable and nonrenewable resources. When people can no longer trust your words, nothing you say carries premium. Do not make promises that you cannot keep and when you make promises, keep them. Treat your words as you would money. Invest them wisely. Avoid squandering them on empty promises in the pursuit of vain attention and likes. Eventually, you will lose more than any promise that you will ever break. ‪#‎IAMworthy‬ ‪#‎YouAreWorthy‬ ‪#‎keepyourword‬ ‪#‎yourwordisyourbond‬ ‪#‎promisekeeper‬ ‪#‎valueyourownwords‬ ‪#‎treatyourwordsasmoney‬ ‪#‎dontwastewords

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