You walk with stones in your hands
Ready to strike the one with whom you disagree
Your words are daggers in their hearts
Mobs incited to arise, to maim and kill
Yet you throw stones
At the one who loves his brother
Love is his only charge
And yours is hate
You Stone Thrower!

Your laws and policies punish
A woman who ends a pregnancy
While those said laws marginalize the born baby
You gather stones to hurl at her
Moral arguments are pelted
Knocking out her human agency
Her charge is freedom of choice
And yours is oppression
You Stone Thrower!

You perch high in your place of privilege
Untouched by the restrictions you place on those below
Lives snuffed out with impunity
By those called to protect human liberty
Where is the justice in the stones you bear
The blood you shed cry from the ground
And we hear
They name their offender
Crying, “Stone Thrower!”

You walk with stones in your hands
Ready to strike the one…

Soon you would realize
The only one your stones condemn is you
Because the sounds of Justice will be heard
From all those at whom your stones were hurled
From lofty mountains to leveled valley
The sound of equality will echo
The Stone Thrower is no more
An end has come for you
Stone Thrower.

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