On the matter of regret, I have none.

And no, I am not trying to sound deep or pretend like my life has turned out perfect; or even like I made all the right and best decisions up to this point.
Here is one thing that I refuse to do to myself: live in the realm of “Perhaps” and “Maybes”. That solves nothing. In fact it is illogical to contemplate something that does not exist. I do not have the ability to change the past and surely I do not have the luxury to sit and worry about what could have been if I had only just… That is an exercise in futility. So, instead of regrets, I choose acceptance.

I choose to accept the mistakes I have made. Each of them was a lesson of what not to do again or what results such decisions can possibly bring if made again. Mistakes are only squandered when the lesson is not learned.

I have no regrets in whom I have loved; friendships I had made and lost; people I had associated myself with and they hurt or disappointed me. I have no regrets of the recklessness of my youth. I have no regrets over the things I have lost and how I came to lose them.

You know what I have come to appreciate? Life has been here longer than I have. It knows how much to give you and in what measure – enough so that you may bend but never break and yielding to it is better than resisting it. It is in resistance that it conquers you. I have learned to surrender to the struggle and allow the mystic of life to carry me. You see, I believe in providence. It is like your Jamaican granny will tell you, “What is fi yu, cyaan be un-fi yu!” or like my granny would say, “what miss you, don’t pass you.”

I truly believe that everything I experienced in life; the good, the bad and the in-between, life meant it to happen. That is why I say, I have no regrets. You might call it.. denial?

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