They say that love is not supposed to hurt. Not true. They say that love is blind. Another untruth. Love is not an abuser neither does it seek to intentionally bring pain but the truth is, it does bring pain. Love has a full functioning pair of eyes with 20/20 vision but it chooses to look beyond and passed certain foibles. Love is no idiot.

It is because love is sensible, it must recognize that it is giving itself to imperfect, broken people – people who may, at times, act in unlovely ways that will cause hurt – people who, when it sees them not reaching their highest good or when they hurt, it hurts in return.

Love has never been interested in perfection, for it knows that it cannot thrive or be nurtured in perfection. Love hurts because it is being tested. It is in testing that it is tried and proven and refined… Testing brings out its elasticity and its strength. Testing, makes it patient, kind, humble, forgiving, hopeful, believing, enduring, unfailing, unconditional and unending.

Love is sometimes, lonely because love keeps on giving of itself even when it is not reciprocated. If love demands reciprocation, it ceases to remain love. It then becomes control and reward. Love hopes it is loved in return but it never demands it or foists its desires on anyone. You cannot give love and yet hold on to it. It does not exactly work that way. It is like holding live coal to your bosom. Love needs release not to be captured. Love frees. It knows to let go. It does not hold on or imprison.

Love understands its own transformative power – its ability to not only transform its recipient, but also its host. When love is given away, it enlarges the soul. It n sharpens the vision to behold goodness in the darkest places.

Yes, love hurts but only because it was not freely given away….

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