If I Were to Give Myself Advice

Dear Damien,

What a year 2016 has been!!!
It began very daunting, didn’t it? Did you think you would be where you are now? I suppose not. We all only see through a glass dimly and very often our own vision cannot see beyond our current realities. But Hey… God worked it out for your good!

Every experience came into your life as your teacher. You were not quite receptive to some of your teachers in the beginning I notice. But you came to realise they they came to teach you the most important of lessons. Learn in 2017 to embrace every experience as NECESSARY. You may not always apprehend this truth readily but trust the process & trust your faith in God to take you through.

I am so happy about how you learned to stand up for yourself. That is a kind of defiance that I admire. It is humble and quiet but steadfast – not rambunctious and conceited. Hold to that in 2017. Do not let it go. You will need to stand up more for that which you believe in and are most passionate about. I caution you, however, it may cause you to lose friends and even positions but that is a sacrifice you will have to make if you are to guard with jealousy, your integrity.

One other thing, Damien, please, guard your mind and heart against the notion that even if others see you as a role model you must be perfect. You have feet of clay. Own your failures and shortcomings, forgive yourself quickly, seek forgiveness where you must and MOVE ON! Unforgiveness, even towards yourself will hold you back.

Finally, remember to be kind to people. What you put out will come back to you. The word for 2017 is LOVE. To love people effectively you have to invest love in yourself. UP your love quotient. Love wont disappoint you. Love for others will cause you to truly affirm their worth and build their esteem.

Now go into 2017 ready to fulfill your purpose #PurposePowered

Your Heart

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