Fundamental Law of Success

If you grew up with your granny, you perhaps have heard the phrase, “it is more blessed to give than to receive,” times too numerous to number. But your granny is not the originator of that phrase. The embodied Deity, Jesus, said it and Paul quotes it in Acts 20:35.

Of course, my granny was a wise woman but as a person of deep faith, being experienced through Christianity, I place high premium on the wisdom of Jesus, who is creator of ALL things and by virtue of his divinity possesses all knowledge and wisdom.

However, you do not have to be a believer to appreciate the power and value in that principle. It finds resonance in the universal principle of sowing a reaping. Apart from the personal joy one gets in giving, it is really like putting a seed into the ground. One seed never really gives you back one seed but an ENTIRE tree with many fruits that give you many more seeds for the next sowing.

This refrain from my granny, which is the wisdom of Jesus, The Christ, has been the principle by which I have lived my life, intentionally, the last four years. I went into Habitat for Humanity and GAVE MORE than I was being paid to do and of course in giving more, I received more (raise in salary three times and promotion). We must never mistake price for value and must always seek to give more than we take from anyone, even our places of employment and in our relationships. Are you giving or taking more? That is a fundamental for reaping success in your personal and professional life. Bob Doug and David Mann, in their book, “The Go-giver” call this law of success, “The Law of Value”.
Reconsider how it is you approach your life. Do you simply wish to extract from life or are you prepared to give more than you take? That is sustainable successful living!!!


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