Black Lives Matter: A Challenge To Afro-Caribbean Folks – PART 1

The real tragedy is that, somehow, we have been co-opted by our oppressors to become active participants in our own oppression, making the project of emancipation yet one to be achieved. It will take some serious unlearning and relearning and the courage to stop accepting the things we cannot change but instead change the things we can no longer accept.

Toxic Thoughts to Avoid in 2020

“As a man thinketh, so is he.” “Your attitude determines your altitude.” Many of us might be familiar with those quotes. We have had them drilled in us by our teachers; in our Sunday School classes; at empowerment seminars or read it somewhere. We are constantly reminded that the state of our lives is determined […]

Know Your Status: My World AIDS Day Keynote Address at JASL’s Vigil

(Photo Credit: Chad Morgan) On December 1, Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL) commemorated World AIDS Day with its annual candlelight vigil as it reflected on twenty seven (27) years of service to people infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS. The night’s event reflected on the past, remembering those who have gone on […]

The Golden Triangle Is Getting It RIGHT: Sustainable Community Development Model

On Monday, October 22, 2018, I attended a community redevelopment planning session at the Spanish Court Hotel, invited by my friend and fellow blogger Emma Lewis. The vision workshop had been organised by the Golden Triangle Neighbourhood Association (GTNA) who had brought in experts from the Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies at EAFIT University. […]

Goliath is Within: Conquering The Inner Giant of Self-doubt

Have you ever talked yourself out of going after a dream or idea? Have you ever stayed in a bad relationship or toxic work environment? No matter how confident you are, there is this constant nagging voice that pulls you back every time you seek to make that BOLD move. It is the voice of […]

Pathway to True Freedom – An Emancipation Day Reflection

“The time has come for those of us who have a vision of the future to inspire our people to a closer kinship, to a closer love of SELF, because it is through this appreciation of SELF will we be able to rise to that higher life … into one MIGHTY bond that we can […]

Right Connections: Your Friends Are Important To Your Success!!!

There are some important lessons that I learned about success, particularly in the last 5 years. The fundamental law of success, I have learned, is giving. Yes, GIVING. It is more blessed to give than to receive. But another that I have learned that is very critical to one’s success is one’s network of friends.

Fundamental Law of Success

If you grew up with your granny, you perhaps have heard the phrase, “it is more blessed to give than to receive,” times too numerous to number. But your granny is not the originator of that phrase. The embodied Deity, Jesus, said it and Paul quotes it in Acts 20:35.