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Living and working unapologetically from the core of his faith, author, speaker, corporate trainer, social entrepreneur, and community change consultant, Damien Marcus Williams is clear on his life’s purpose and is boldly walking in his divine calling.

Be Your Vision 2019 Workshop Recap

If you have followed his journey, you know that the pursuit of purpose is central to Damien’s message and walk. It is a perspective and experience he readily shares with others, helping them to discover and walk in their own purpose. From this passion and joining with like minds, the Be our Vision Workshop was […]

Damien talks ‘raising sons in the 21st century’ on CVM at Sunrise

Damien recently had the pleasure of appearing on CVM TV’s morning programme – CVM at Sunrise. He was featured during the Man’s World segment of the popular morning programme. The topic is particularly timely considering some of the social contexts Jamaica finds itself in as far as the behaviours of men are concerned. Here is […]

Damien Gives Keynote Address at JASL’s Vigil

(Photo Credit: Chad Morgan) On December 1, Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL) commemorated World AIDS Day with its annual candlelight vigil as it reflected on twenty seven (27) years of service to people infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS. The night’s event reflected on the past, remembering those who have gone on […]